Potential Idea & Research

Web design is art wrapped in technology – James Weaver

As I am now in my third and final year of university, studying Web Design for my BA Honors degree, in order to prepare myself for the outside world, I have decided that I am going to create a website for my major practical project. Although, I understand that I can’t just create a bog standard website and that will be it. I need to produce something that will be a years worth of research, work and production, that I will then be able to proudly add to my portfolio at the end of the year, and potentially will be able to show off in future interviews.

When producing this website I would like to use WordPress as a CMS to create it, and explore and use HTML5 and CSS3. This will add to my knowledge of web design and skills that I will be able to offer for future references.

I used WordPress as a CMS for my final web design portfolio piece last year, I thoroughly enjoyed using WordPress in that form, as I had never produced a website through WordPress as a CMS before, so this was new to me. I enjoyed the challenge, designing the website and was proud of the outcome. (www.charlotte-wood.co.uk) However, this time around I need to push myself in learning more new skills and to take on a larger project to produce.

My potential ideas are as follows; To create a fully completed and live website for a start-up band, which will be my client/s, using WordPress as a CMS, HTML5 & CSS3 as my tools. The website will include Twitter feed, Facebook feed, line up dates, interviews, interaction throughout the site, gallery, tracks, forum and shop for band merchandise.

I have chosen this as a potential idea as it will get me used to working with clients for future references, and I have always had a passion in music, bands & going to gigs. Therefore, I feel that I would have great enthusiasm which I will be able to throw into my project work.

Examples of websites that have inspired me in design and practice are as follows;

Isle Of Wight Festival – interactivity & animation used throughout the site, along with great design. http://www.isleofwightfestival.com/


The below screenshot includes interactive rollover features and animation & music throughout the site.


Drawing Art – interactive slideshow, rollover image menu http://www.drawingart.org/#/home/

Recom CGI – interactivity, full screen mode, great design http://recom-cgi.de/#/portfolio/overview/1/

Twist Cube – moving animation, music in background, fun & interactive website, clean design http://www.twist-cube.com/#/main

Matthias Dittrich – interesting interactive main menu feature http://www.matthiasdittrich.com/

Magnetic North – amazingly cool website, drawing interactive feature http://mnatwork.com/#/?state=0

Above screenshot shows the search options. The screenshot below shows that what you draw is what you see…

Progetty Studio – interactive game feature on homepage http://progettystudio.com/

Yodabaz – fresh web design, interesting 3D text approach, animation in background, creating movement like a video http://www.yodabaz.com/

Unit 9 – the creative mind, truly amazing website, interactivity, constant animation http://ms.unit9.com/creativemind/